Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Philippines: CEBU's Crimson Beach Resort & Spa

"Crimson Beach Resort and Spa welcomes you to a world beyond your wildest dreams..."

The newest built resort and spa in Cebu was opened in 2010.  And it does not disappoint.  It gives one a sense of peace and tranquility with its 3-in-1 infinity pool and gardens.

This very simple sight met us at the entrance of the resort.

Going inside, we entered an expanse overlooking a very pleasant view...

... 3-in-1 infinity pool, going down two flights to an adult, toddlers' and childrens' pools. 
Wow!  Looking out there, I marveled at the sea and sky which seemed to meet.  It was beautiful!

This is the Lobby, where the centerpiece is a "sungkaan", a native game played with small shells.
From the beach, this is the view of the main resort, where the deluxe rooms are.  The garden rooms and villas are located all over the place, separate from the main resort.  The villas have their own plunge pools...perfect for people who can't get enough of the water.... and romantic, too!
Our accommodation was a garden deluxe room, 44sqm, with its own veranda, huge king bed, LCD TV, and surprise...a toilet and bath with its own LCD TV in front of the tub! My son had a great time, luxuriating in soap suds in the tub and watching his favorite cartoon shows, at the same time! 
This is the view of the beach from the Azure open bar.  Imagine the bar at night, you having a cold drink, staring out to the starry or even a moonlit night, enjoying the breeze, listening to the sound of the waves and soft music ... ohh...bliss!
One of the resort's kid's and kids-at-hearts' activities is the fish feeding.  What's different in this fish feeding is you really have to walk around 200meters out to sea on a floating dock, where the fish are and feed them.  If you're not afraid, you can dip your feet at sea and have a fish spa! Ha ha..

Another kids' recreation facility is the playhouse where the colorful and educational materials available for toddlers and small children keep their attention for a long period of time, thus parents get some time for themselves. 

Day and night view of the fish spouts around the swimming pools.

Night view of the pool from the main resort...peaceful and calming...

Another angle of the pool at night

View of the main resort from the pools

There are many other recreational activities, like water sports facilities, fitness center, and badminton courts for the adventurous and fitness buff.

And of course, there's Aum Spa, where guests can spend a relaxing hour or two under the hands of expert therapists, a perfect way to end your day.  Well, this one, we weren't able to try since the spa was not yet opened when we went there...maybe some time in the very near future, that is, if I can afford it (gulp!).  And if I do that, I will surely tell you about it!

The resort also accepts guests for day use at a rate that includes buffet lunch and use of the resort's facilities.  The weekday rates provide value for money.  Try it.

"When you've been treated like royalty, the experience will linger long after your stay."  I say "Aye", Crimson Beach Resort & Spa lives up to their name, the color of royalty.

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  1. is very nice resort for vacation. I love the architecture...Thank you for sharing....


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