Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Philippines: TABUELAN, Cebu Summer Fun

Cebu is an island in the Central Visayas.  It is dubbed as the "Queen City of the South", being in the southern part of the archipelago.  But why queen? Read for yourself...

Tabuelan is a town on the western part of Cebu.  From Cebu City, one travels three hours to this place.  Being quite a distance from the city, it is best to stay at least overnight.

It is a very quiet town and one can experience nature's peace by the sea.  The "virginal" beach there is so worth the trip.  The public beach is very clean, with white sand and clear blue waters.  So if one stays in an ordinary pension house in town, a day out on the public beach is an option.  One pays a minimal fee for entrance and can rent cottages for day use.

In Tabuelan, we stayed at the Durhan White Beach Resort.  Rooms have the bare essentials; airconditioned and non-airconditioned rooms are available, depending on one's preference.

beachfront of Durhan White Beach

my favorite time of the day

coconut trees and the sky

In the nearby town of Tuburan, Cebu, 30minute-drive from Durhan White Beach is Molobolo Springs.  Here, fresh water meets salt water.  The place is also shaded with big trees and so the water remains cool.  The flowing spring keeps the water clean most of the time...

Tabuelan and Tuburan cities are laid back but has nature to offer the weary traveller.


How much does an affordable Tabuelan/Tuburan get-away cost? A two-day vacation will cost only around USD80 (no airfare, all land trips).
1. Plane fare to Cebu - depends on place of origin
2. Land transportation (USD8 one-way or USD16 round trip)
    a.  Taxi from airport to North Bus Terminal near SM (USD5)
    b.  Aircon (comfortable) bus from terminal to Tabuelan (USD3)
    Tip:  Contact your resort or accommodation beforehand for instructions on how to get from the town  
            terminal to their location.
3. Hotel/resort accommodation (aircon) - USD40- USD50/night
4. Meals - an average meal would cost USD4.5 so a full day's meal will be around USD13.50
5. Entrance fees - minimal fees (less than USD1)


  1. proud to be tabuelanon.. yeah Durhan beach is one of the beautiful beach. There is also La familia beach and maravilla beach. All of them are nice and a white sands beach.. Tabuelanons are very accomodating

    1. i agree Jomar. The public beach in Maravilla is so worth the entrance fee, very affordable. Tabuelan is a great place away from the city.

    2. Hello Jomar,
      Do you know of an affordable place to stay while in Tabuelan aside from Durham? How much per night?
      Thank you.

  2. What is the fee to enter Maravilla?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. there is no entrance fee to Maravilla, and their cottages range from P200-P250 for whole day use...

  3. Nice place, I would love to go to this place this summer. Nice photos! Thank you for sharing!


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